Hertz Metal Impact Kemper Pack

23 selected hi/med gain guitar Kemper profiles (+1 bass profile) created by Wojtek Wieslawski in Hertz Studio.

It’s the first Kemper pack in which the essence of guitar sound has been collected by Hertz Studio so far. We have produced sounds during many hours of our work and have selected them by testing each of them with bass and drums. Hertz Metal Impact Kemper Pack is to satisfy not only professional musicians and producers of heavy metal music working in the studio but it can be perfect to use in a live stage. For a single guitar profile we used the variety of amps, cabs and mics blended to achieve the best sound.
That's why I created this first Hertz Impact Pack to provide you with a selection of sound profiles. it’s the result of many days’ work in the studio. Wojtek Wieslawski

Hertz Go-Kemper Profile Pack

Hertz Go-Pack – That’s the second guitar Kemper Profiles pack from Hertz Studio created by Wojtek Wieslawski. It includes 22 guitar Kemper profiles and one bass profile.

How you can hear there is less gain, more clear and detailed guitar profiles inspired by the work of the Gojira band.
Like in Hertz Impact Pack variety of amps, cabs and mics used for a single profile.
In 95% of our band recording sessions we double (track) the rhythm guitars during the recording process. During our recording sessions for a single guitar sound we mostly use 2 different cabinets, or splitted two different amps with cabinets and usually a few microphones on each cab.
Why? That’s the only way to create a unique distorted sound and give the band their own character.
Enjoy and blend your way.
Special thanks to Liverum band for the possibility of using their song (https://www.facebook.com./Liverum.music).
Favourite amps Evh, Peavey, Mesa Boogie.

Daniel Lloyd featuring our Metal-Impact Pack.

Daniel Lloyd featuring our GoPack.

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